Magic Lamp's static analysis tool enables enterprises to test software more effectively and comprehensively, providing greater security for the organization. Magic Lamp provides automated detection of business-critical security, performance, reliability errors missed by traditional (dynamic) testing. It reduces the business impact/risk due to software errors and helps in the tracking of Security vulnerabilities, Performance bottlenecks, Down-time and Data corruption.

Magic Lamp's Software Simulation technology is based on the latest compilers research in inter- procedural data-flow analysis. Using the algorithms, heuristics and best practices known to experienced programmers, it exercises binary Java code across multiple modules and layers, for all paths and inputs without running the code, and detects errors missed by testing. Magic Lamp can provide an on-site or off-site audit service that allows clients to reliably and quickly improve quality and security without disturbing existing processes or diverting resources from other commitments.

Magic Lamp Software’s solutions have delivered significant value to customer organizations by reducing the cost of software defects, increasing software reliability, identifying the cause of performance degradation, isolating security vulnerabilities, enforcing application-specific design and interface contract rules, and lowering costs of software development and maintenance.

It reduces costs and increases productivity especially for fixed-price/outcome-based projects.
Pro-active error detection leads to less rework, on-time delivery.
Compensate for lack of skills at bottom of skill pyramid.
Reduce attrition impact codifying audit rules.